What I do


I'm a feature writer by trade. Besides penning articles for glossy national magazines, I've had words published on a variety of digital platforms, such as BBC History Extra and The Guardian.

I create immersive, engaging yet expertly-written copy that looks & sounds great on the page or screen. It'll be an asset to your brand. Want to see some examples? Check out my portfolio.


I'm also an experienced editor. I worked as the Features Editor for All About History, where I planned content, commissioned, proofread, sub-edited and rigorously fact checked articles. 
I currently help oversee Future Publishing's bestselling range of travel guides.

If you have some copy you want to perfect, or a project that needs managing, get in touch

Other services

When you commission me, you don't just get a fantastic writer and a detail-oriented editor. I also:

Pitch ideas

My brain is always coming up with new and novel content ideas. I'd be happy to send some your way.


I am an avid researcher, scouring the internet, books, interviews and more to get reliable information.


I've chatted to many prominent public figures, and have a number of media and PR contacts.

Source imagery

I can source stock images, facilitate photoshoots, find illustrators, and devise eye-catching design ideas.


My copy is SEO-friendly, and I am able to publish it on multiple CMS,
including WordPress.